The Mobile Inventory Data Collection Software Solution Designed to Optimize SAP® ERP IM, WM & EWM

TranASAP™, by BCC Distribution, Inc. (BCCD) is a SAP-certified pre-configured software product for inventory control that mobilizes SAP® transactions for RF scanning.  The software solution combines BCCD’s mobile software transactions, RF/barcode equipment, SAP® software and inventory control best practices.

TranASAP™ is a menu driven, role-based software product with a library of over 200 SAP® transactions built on inventory and warehouse management standards.  TranASAP™ utilizes ITSmobile and SAP’s Console for real-time, direct connect into SAP®.  For applications that require offline mode or batch operations, TranASAP™ utilizes version Store & Forward and additionally offers .Net functionality options for interfacing to SAP®.

BCCD’s proven success is due to the utilization of the following principles: Ease of Use; Quick to Install; and Simple to Modify & Maintain transactions and screens.


TranASAP Brochure   | View & Download BCCD’s TranASAP™ Brochure

Transaction List   | BCCD’s Library of Existing TranASAP™ Transactions

Demonstration   | View TranASAP™ in a Live Production Environment

Architecture & More   | Learn more about TranASAP’s Inventory Control Processes, Benefits, Architecture & Environment

Store & Forward   | Learn more about TranASAP™ version Store & Forward (Real-Time w/ Offline Mode)