SAP® Software Design and Blueprinting

Every BCCD project starts with a detailed technical analysis and project design – the Blueprint.  The key to BCCD’s success is through the delivery of its analysis and design (Blueprint) prior to every software development project, large or small.

“A house or building should not be built without an architectural drawing and nor should software!”

No matter how large or small your SAP mobility or barcode automation project may be, or if the objective’s to mobilize and automate 1 SAP software transaction or 100, BCCD always delivers a hard copy Blueprint of the desired software solution.  This is done for 2 main reasons.  The first is to verify that both the customer and the vendor completely agree to what the exact functional delivery will be, and the second reason is for the purpose of a guarantee.  BCCD always guarantees that the delivered functionality of its software will match the agreed upon Blueprint functionality.

BCC Distribution’s goal is to understand the customer’s business, the project goal, along with the SAP ECC® or SAP S/4HANA® configuration.

The Goal for BCCD is to Understand:

  • A company’s Physical Environment [Temperatures, Location Labeling, Indoor/Outdoor, Regulatory Requirements, etc.]
  • Technical Environment [Network Connectivity, Equipment Requirements, Existing Software, etc.] 
  • Functional Environment [SAP Modules- IM, WM, or EWM, Transaction Codes, Batch Management, FIFO, Serialization, Handling Units, etc.]
  • Inventory Movements and Data Flows.
  • Business process improvements as they relate to inventory control and warehouse management.
  • Validation process to ensure successful system user adoption.
  • Return on Investment (ROI) expectations.

The Physical Blueprint Document Includes:

  • Project Scope (SOW)
  • Terminology
  • SAP Mobile Software Transaction Design – Detailed
  • SAP Mobile Device Connectivity – SAP ITSmobile (web browser), SAP Console (Telnet), SAP Fiori Design (UI5 App), etc.
  • Description and SAP Software Transaction with Movement Type
  • Purpose and Use
  • Barcode Labels and/or Reports
  • User Prompts, Inputs and Feedback
  • Command Text and Function Key Utilization
  • Screen Logic
  • SAP Software Calls
  • Display Designs
  • Procedures – Display, Input, Default, Result, Message and Action
  • Outputs and Labels (e.g. 2D Barcode Labels)
  • Accompanied by additional BCCD supporting documentation, where applicable.  Such as a project timeline and proposal(s) for RF equipment, barcode scanners, barcode printers, labels, 3rd party software, etc.

Sample Blueprint Excerpts:

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