SAP® Software Design/Blueprinting

The key to BCCD’s success is through the delivery of its analysis and design services (Blue Print) prior to every software development.

“A house or building should not be built without an architectural drawing and nor should software!”

No matter how large or small or if one transaction or 100, BCCD always delivers a hard copy Blue Print of the desired software solution. This is done for 2 main reasons. The first is to verify that both the customer and the vendor completely agree to what the exact functional delivery will be and the second reason is for the purpose of a guarantee. BCCD always guarantees that the delivered functionality of its software will match the agreed upon Blue Print functionality.

The BCC Distribution goal is to understand the customer’s business, the project goal along with the SAP® configuration.

The BCCD blue print utilizes a combination of on-site and remote meetings. The goal for BCCD is to understand the following variables:

  • A company’s physical environment
  • Inventory movements and data flows
  • Business processes as they relate to inventory control and warehouse management.
  • SAP® configuration specific to the MM, IM, WM and other modules.
  • Areas to improve efficiency through automation.

The physical Blue Print document includes the following items:

  • Project Scope (SOW)
  • Terminology
  • Transaction Design – Detailed
  • Description and SAP® Transaction with Movement Type
  • Purpose and use
  • Reports and Labels
  • Prompts and Inputs
  • Command text and Function Key utilization
  • Screen Logic
  • SAP® Calls
  • Display designs
  • Procedures – Display, Input, Default, Result, message and Action
  • Outputs and Labels


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Sample Blue Print Pages: