Georgia SoftWorks

UTS (Telnet and SSh Server)

The Georgia SoftWorks Universal Terminal Server (UTS) is the industrial quality core software foundation that provides the performance, reliability, consistency and powerful features supporting the suite of GSW server products including GSW Telnet/SSH Server, Session Administrator and numerous remote access utilities. GSW UTS includes a Telnet Server, Session Administrator and full suite of GSW Mobile Clients at no extra cost! Secure Shell “SSH” 2 encryption can be added as well as end-to-end Federal Information Processing Standard “FIPS” 140-2 compliance. With the GSW UTS, Windows is transformed into a truly multi-user environment. Remote administration, full support for DOS Legacy applications, and superior user control will allow RF Terminal environments to perform exceptionally well.

Over 2000 sessions on a Server – View Screen Display

The type of data transferred between the client and server in data collection environments is typically simple text and small graphics. Telnet and SSH are the best choice for this type of data, as they are nimble, lightweight, fast and reliable in Windows environments.

Our availible SSH server option runs on top of the robust and reliable Universal Terminal Server and provides secure remote access to your Windows host including Secure Remote Logon, Secure Data Exchange and Secure Access to your application on an Non-secure Network!

The growing concern that sensitive data must not be available to unauthorized third parties demands secure access between clients and server. This is especially true for RF Terminal access to a server. Secure Remote Access is required yet the configuration needs to be simple. With many security solutions the administration is so complex and lengthy that many businesses are either unprepared for the technical challenge or not able to spend the time required for proper implementation and continued maintenance. Our SSH Server is perfect for data collection devices.

The Georgia SoftWorks SSH Server for Windows offers a secure solution that is simple to install, implement and configure. You get complete End to End security.

Our power features include:

Team Services
Automatic Logon
True Client Side Printing
Logon Scripting
Programmatic Interface
Client Identity and Uniqueness
GSW Event Logging
Special Refresh Character
UTS GUI Configuration Tool

Business Tunnel

The GSW Business Tunnel is a versatile and secure connectivity tool that allows you and your coworkers secure access to required network services that are often risky due to non-secure locations or impossible due to firewall configurations.

With the GSW Business Tunnel, secure tunnels are built over a network between the Business Tunnel Software and an SSH Server. Each tunnel may contain one or more channels where encrypted traffic is encapsulated and is sent through an encrypted channel providing the security you need to confidently connect over a wifi network.

Provide SSH protected access to popular network services like SMTP, POP, RDP, HTTP, MySSQL, SQL Server etc. over and untrusted network.

From branch offices, airports, hotels, home, or any remote location you can confidently and securely Browse your company’s intranet, surf the web, remote desktop, manage servers, send/receive email, maintain databases and more!

Features include:

  • SSH v2 – The highly recognized security standard used by millions for secure server administration and secure file transfer. SSH provides strong authentication, secure access, data integrity, and some of the best encryptions available.
  • Persistent connections – in the event of dropped connections, the GSW Business Tunnel automatically reconnects
    tunnels and channels. often transparent to the user
  • Almost unlimited port forwarding and proxy options
  • GSW Business Tunnel Management GUI – easy configuration without any command lines
  • Create tunnels to one or more hosts – limits access to only services required rather than providing access to everything
  • Runtime activity reporting – know which tunnels and channels are used and by whom

The GSW Business Tunnel Management tool offers an innovative approach in creating, operating, organizing and monitoring secure tunnels. There are no lengthy or complicated command lines. The Business Tunnel is a lightweight, user friendly and minimally invasive solution for top-notch security.

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