For companies that utilize SAP ERP- SAP ECC 6.0 and/or SAP S/4HANA, and have not implemented or do not use the Warehouse Management (WM) functionality of SAP software, BCC Distribution (BCCD) has a robust real-time RF barcode scanning and barcode label printing solution for SAP’s Inventory Management (IM) transaction set.

BCCD has designed, developed and mobilized over 60 SAP RF IM transactions with individual movement types.  These transactions utilize BCCD’s standards of SAP software and inventory control best practices to create consistent, real-time data collection screens for the material handlers.  Each transaction has been designed for mobile Zebra Android RF scanners, vehicle terminals, and rugged tablets with minimal words and little need to use the physical keypad on the device.  This has been done to make the system extremely easy to use for the material handler.  Custom mobile IM transactions have also been built and exist in BCCD’s TranASAP Software Transaction Library to achieve additional functionality specific to manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution.  Additional customization can be added based on a company’s industry specific requirement (such as Oil and Gas, Chemical, Aerospace, BioTech, etc.) or based on the specific SAP software configuration.  The mobilized and optimized RF software transactions have been developed in a real-time, directly integrated architecture, using SAP Console, SAP ITSmobile, and Fiori development and connectivity tools, for SAP ECC 6.0 and S/4HANA.

Mobile SAP ERP IM RF Scanning Functionality includes:

▪ RF Goods Receipt against a Purchase Order (PO), Production Order or a Stock Transfer Order (STO)
▪ RF Cross Docking of Hot Parts (Required for an Open Order) ▪ RF Receipt to include Automated Barcode Label Printing
▪ Receiving Including Putting Stock Away (One-Step or Two-Step RF Putaway)
▪ Moving Inventory IN and OUT of Quarantine/Quality ▪ RF Storage Location (Sloc) to Storage Location (Sloc) Moves
▪ RF Goods Issue to an Order, Cost Center, Reservation, or Project ▪ Back Flushing
▪ RF Production Order Confirmation, Receipt and Label Print ▪ Barcode Label Design and Printing for Picking
▪ RF Picking Inventory for Delivery Automatically Moving Part Numbers to a Central Pick Location
▪ RF Picking Utilizing Handling Unit (HU) Management (HU Numbers / License Plates Numbers for Pallet Labeling)
▪ Plant to Plant Inventory Movements ▪ Outside Vendor Compliance Tracking
▪ RF Cycle Counting (RF Blind Count / RF Ad Hoc Count) ▪ RF Physical Inventory Counting
▪ RF Inventory Inquiry (by Location and/or by Part Number) …and much more!

[BCCD’s TranASAP Library of Transactions]

Sample Mobile SAP ERP IM RF Transactions:

  • Goods Receipt with Automated Label Print
  • Storage Location (Sloc) to Storage Location (Sloc) Movement
  • Goods Issue to Cost Center, Work Order, Project, or Reservation

SAP ERP Mobile RF Barcode Scanning Transactions include:

▪ MIGO Movement 101 ▪ MB01 Movement 101 ▪ MIGO Movement 102 ▪ MB01 Movement 102
▪ MIGO/MB1A MT 201 ▪ MIGO/MB1A MT 221 ▪ MIGO/MB1A MT 261 ▪ MIGO/MB1A MT301
▪ MB1B MT311 ▪ MIGO MT605 ▪ CO12 MT103 ▪ CO15
▪ CO21 ▪ MB31 MT103 ▪ MFBF ▪ VL02N
▪ MF65 ▪ MB1B ▪ MI01 ▪ MI02
▪ MI03 ▪ MI04 ▪ MI05 ▪ MI06
▪ MI10 ▪ MI11 ▪ MI22 ▪ MB52
▪ MB5T ▪ SAP RF IM Custom Z-Transactions …and many others

[BCCD’s TranASAP Library of Transactions]

SAP-Integrated RF Barcode Label Printing includes:

  • Utilization of BCCD’s QuickPrint Barcode Label Printing to include printing technologies such as SAP Script, Smart Forms, and BarTender.
  • Printing “License Plates” Barcode Labels (Pallet HU Labels or Serialized Labels)
  • Material Labels with 1D and 2D (2-Dimensional, QR) Barcodes
  • GTIN Labels
  • Bill of Lading Document
  • Pick Slips
  • Shipping and Delivery Barcode Labels
  • Forms and many others