BCC Distribution delivers shop floor and MES data collection solutions. BCCD has software tools and experience to collect, integrate and utilize any data that can be collected from:

  1. Machines (PLCs)
  2. Conveyors
  3. Scales
  4. Time Clocks
  5. Labor tracking devices
  6. Automated Doors

BCCD’s MES solution utilizes software, services and communication tools that are developed with .NET and SQL on the server side and the .NET Connector and ABAP programming language on the SAP ERP side.

BCCD’s system architecture is simple. The components are:

  • The device or devices that collect the shop floor, inventory and labor data.
  • The communication protocol to move the data to a PC/SERVER:
    • RS232
    • Ethernet
    • Wireless
    • USB
    • Keyboard wedge
  • The server that is running SQL or SQL Express
  • BCCD’s Data Collection Database and Communications software.
  • Custom Excel Spread Sheet Reports.
  • BCCD Custom SAP interfaces through the SAP .NET Connector
  • Additional Equipment for visual validation:
    • Monitors located within the shopfloor to track jobs and production
    • Light Stacks to show good vs bad data and equipment
    • Horns to alert employees to issues
    • Printers to validate and track production counts
    • Scanners and RFID readers for additional tracking of material and inventory.