BCC Distribution’s RFID Smartware is a user friendly software tool that allows a company to utilize passive RFID reading equipment to quickly and easily collect, import and store data into an SQL database. This data can then be used for future integration into an ERP system or to be used in a standalone format for reporting purposes. BCCD’s Smartware 3.1 release will include: “Byte Stream” communication protocol, to communicate with many different types of RFID equipment, a user based PC screen configurator, as well as the ability to write and kill RFID tags within the BCCD Smartware application.

RFID Tags RFID Reader Microsoft SQL Database Enterprise System


  • Associate Tags to Material / Product
  • Unattended Inventory Moves / Issues
  • Configure reader read rates
  • Configure reader power levels
  • Associate transaction with Antennas / Portals / Read Areas
  • Integrated with Microsoft SQL Database
    • Utilize stored procedure calls
    • Import and export data utilizing DTS
  • All Reads are date and time stamped


  • Symbol RFID Readers – supports Gen1

and Gen2 RFID tags
BCC Distribution is a certified RFID technologies distributor and developer.