SAP® ERP Implementation

BCCD has the ability to deliver the entire warehousing and inventory control solution as it regards to SAP® ERP. Besides for delivering the wireless infrastructure, the entire gambit of data collection and printing equipment, along with scanning and printing software, BCCD also has the capability of delivering all of the necessary certified services to implement, configure and modify the applicable SAP® ERP Software Modules.

BCCD has the experience and the team to consulting and configuring the IM module to allow RF scanning to accomplish sophisticated picking or using Handling Units (HUs) so as to track containers and pallets with “License Plates,” as well as to design and implement a brand new instance of the Warehouse Management and/or the Extended Warehouse Management Modules.

The BCCD solution utilizes seasoned professionals, with an abundance of knowledge, certifications, expertise, along with the ability for worldwide coverage in the following areas:

  • Manufacturing – CPIM / APICS
  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Advanced Data Collection Automation
  • SAP® ERP’s IM Module – SAP® Certified
  • SAP® ERP’s WM Module – SAP® Certified
  • SAP® ERP’s EWM Module – SAP® Certified

The extensive and broad knowledge that the BCCD team brings, allows us to design, configure, enhance and deliver an implementation of the SAP® inventory based modules (IM, WM, EWM and Production), so as to make each customer more efficient through the utilization of automation.

BCC Distribution’s goal of implementing the SAP® IM, WM, or EWM modules at the time of delivering the complete RF scanning and printing solution, is to deliver a catered solution to each customer that includes a very quick ROI.

SAP® software allows companies of all sizes and industries to effectively and profitably plan, source, procure, store, transport, and deliver products through an integrated, end-to-end logistics and fulfillment process on a single, unified platform.

Core to that mission and supply chain enablement is the SAP® Extended Warehouse Management (SAP® EWM) application. SAP® EWM is an integral part of the SAP® Supply Chain Management (SAP® SCM) application, addressing advanced warehouse management functions and processes. It supports:

• Higher process and stock visibility
• Better planning of warehouse operations
• Highly efficient operation of distribution and storage processes

These capabilities, in turn, allow for flexible and adaptive planning and coordination, in addition to the execution of inbound and outbound processing, thereby integrating the process flow across the entire supply network.

Learn how SAP® can help your warehouses become more efficient and support smooth supply chains. Download PDF Here

Learn how SAP® helps optimize warehouse operations. Download PDF Here