Voice Picking

As part of the complete data collection solution for SAP ERP, BCCD delivers a direct integrated, Real Time Voice Picking Solution. BCCD delivers mobilized voice picking, in a standalone SAP environment or part of a total solution that includes RF scanning and real time integrated barcode printing. BCCD utilizes a voice picking software product called Lydia that is designed with ITSmobile, which is the same technology as BCCD’s TranASAP RF scanning system. This allows BCCD to deliver a seamless voice picking and RF scanning system that uses the same communication environment. BCCD delivers the integrated ABAP programming that integrates the voice picking software interactively with SAP ERP.

Lydia® Connector for SAP allows direct integration of Lydia voice solutions into SAP without the use of expensive, unnecessary middleware.

Globally unique, the 100% on-line integration creates even higher efficiency in managing and performing logistics tasks – maximizing overall warehouse performance.

The complete application logic is within SAP. All standard processes, such as receiving, picking, replenishing, printing labels, controlling inventory etc. are handled normally. In addition, SAP users have the possibility to adapt or extend existing voice dialogs directly in SAP.

The multi-modal use of combining the Lydia voice application with mobile devices permit the users to not only receive their work instructions via voice with the headset, but also allow them to display instructions or pictures, if so desired or required. Each work step is confirmed by voice input. If other non-voice forms of input are required, Lydia® Connector for SAP supports barcode scanning, RFID reading and manual keyboard entry.


  • Direct integration without middleware
    • Easy integration of voice into any SAP application.
  • Application logic in SAP
    • Complete application logic is implemented in the SAP system. This results in maximum control and flexibility for the customer.
  • 100% on-line
    • Real-time inventory, optimized replenishment orders and efficient handling of picking orders.
  • Direct data exchange
    • Assignment and optimization of all processes by SAP-WM / LES / EWM.
  • Based on SAP voice properties
  • Development completely in SAP
    • Modifications in the voice application require only changes to the SAP voice properties.


  • ITS Connector usable from SAP V4.7 and up

  • ITS Speech generator available from:

    • R/3 Enterprise SAP Basis 6.20 SP 65 ITS Patch 28

    • Netweaver 04 SAP Basis 6.40 SP 23, Kernel Patch 210

    • Netweaver 7.0 SAP Basis 7.00 SP 16 Kernel Patch 132

    • Netweaver 7.1 SAP Basis 7.10 SP7 Kernel Patch 81

    • as well as previous versions

  • Area-wide WLAN coverage

    • Operating the voice application requires a complete areawide redundant WLAN coverage in the warehouse.