Demonstration Video

Tiffin Motorhomes is a family-owned manufacturer of industry-leading motorhomes based in Red Bay, Alabama.  Partnering with BCC Distribution, Tiffin Motorhomes has implemented a successful SAP-based RF scanning and barcode printing system to improve inventory control accuracy and visibility.  This viewable video takes you on a brief tour of BCCD’s TranASAP™ solution in action at Tiffin Motorhomes.

BCCD on YouTube   | View this and other videos about TranASAP™ and additional barcoding solutions from BCC Distribution on YouTube.

Mobile Inventory Data Collection Software Solution Designed to Optimize SAP® ERP, IM, WM & EWM

BCC Distribution, Inc. (BCCD) has developed a real-time, directly connected, automated data collection software solution that utilizes SAP® transactions in a mobile and “easy-to-use” environment.  TranASAP™ has been designed to automate and optimize SAP’s IM, WM, EWM and Production Modules so as to: increase business efficiencies, maximize inventory accuracy, along with reducing operational and warehousing costs.

TranASAP™ takes the pen and paper out of material handlers hand and replaces them with a mobile RF scanning terminal.  Every SAP® transaction that is used to receive, track, count and ship inventory can be replaced with mobilized TranASAP™ software transactions that can and/or will be enhanced to me the unique requirements of the client.  The key to TranASAP™ is that the software has been designed to validate, in real-time, as the inventory is being scanned, that the information is correct specific to that order and that customer.