Demonstration Video

Tiffin Motorhomes is a family-owned manufacturer of industry-leading motorhomes based in Red Bay, Alabama.  Partnering with BCC Distribution, Tiffin Motorhomes has implemented a successful SAP-based RF scanning and barcode printing system to improve inventory control accuracy and visibility.  This viewable video takes you on a brief tour of BCCD’s TranASAP™ solution in action at Tiffin Motorhomes.

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Mobile Inventory Data Collection Software Solution Designed to Optimize SAP® ERP, IM, WM & EWM

BCC Distribution has developed a real-time, directly connected, automated data collection software solution that utilizes SAP transactions in a mobile and “easy-to-use” environment.  TranASAP has been designed to automate and optimize SAP’s MM, IM, WM, EWM and Production Modules so as to: increase business efficiencies, maximize inventory accuracy, along with reducing operational and warehousing costs.

TranASAP takes the pen and paper out of material handlers hand and replaces them with a mobile RF scanning terminal.  Every SAP software transaction that is used to receive, track, count and ship inventory can be replaced with mobilized and optimized TranASAP software transactions that can and/or will be enhanced to me the unique requirements of the client.  The key to TranASAP is that the software has been designed to validate, in real-time, as the inventory is being entered or scanned, that the information is correct specific to that order and that customer.

 TranASAP – Optimized SAP RF Scanning for MM, IM, WM, & EWM

Barcode scanning (or, RF scanning) with SAP software is made easy with TranASAP software by BCC Distribution. Material handlers can now easily perform SAP ECC 6.0 or S/4HANA inventory transactions directly at the point of execution, with real-time SAP software validation, using a mobile, wireless Zebra barcode scanner. Purpose-built, intuitive, and automated RF scanning and barcode printing for users of SAP Materials Management (MM), Inventory Management (IM), Warehouse Management (WM), and Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) modules… and more.

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